Back into the swing of it

After five days off school for Monkey Boy, and no kinder yesterday for Godzilla, this morning took a bit of time getting back into the routine.

Mummy up, pour coffee, lose coffee, check emails, find coffee, drink coffee, kids up, pour another coffee, play trains, tanty when Mummy says “come and have breakky”, tanties … because, well I can only assume that’s just what happens at this time of morning … breakfast consumed, jarmies off, play trains (naked – kids, not me), undies on, trains, more tanties, shorts on, tanties, more playing trains, school shirt on, more tanties and some more and realise Godzilla still in jarmies.

Tanties upon requesting he get dressed, because “I like mine jarmies on”. No one has actually said “take them off” and after 33 minutes, clothes put on over jarmies.

And then … its Lunch Making Time.

Monkey Boy is easy – he doesn’t like change, so he has what he’s had every day since he started school.

Godzilla on the other hand ….

“What do you want for lunch for kinder today?”

“Yes. Yes. Yes. But just with jam. Not with cheese.”

Hmmmm, I think its going to take some time to get back into the swing of it.

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