Back to reality


After bugger all sleep – because we sat up all night giggling (and there was only one fart, followed by lots more giggling) – we muddled through breakky and several cups of coffee and came home.

Godzilla still in jarmies, Grumpy Pants up ladder putting up Christmas lights – he finally succumbed – and Monkey Boy attempting to climb into the baby seat on the back of Grumpy’s unused for several years bike.

Attempted some quiet time in the afternoon before heading off to a family BBQ. No go. Everyone tired and grumpy and no-one willing to sit down and relax.

Head off to family barbie where Monkey Boy promptly locates kids’ bedrooms and emerges holding a gun – forbidden in our house. He asked (by me), and told (by Grumpy) to put it back. He does immediately,

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