Back to School Mayhem Managed

I’m not going to regale you with tales about where to get your school supplies at a discounted rate, or even organised and delivered to you, nor when you need to start menu-planning the school lunch box fare.

I’m not even going to show you 25 ways to do a ponytail for school, tell you where to purchase your organic yak’s milk so you cay DIY yogurt for school snacks, not advise you on how to dress for your first day of school.

(I’m happy to share with you some ways to make the morning routine go just a little smoother, though … a treat mostly directed at working mums, but some fabulous advice for ALL mums in there.)

With school starting back this week – already for some, later in the week for others, and next week for still others, if you haven’t got your school lunchbox menu plan sorted, or ordered your organic yak’s milk, then you’re screwed.

Or, you’re very, very normal.

Even without the time, inclination or incentive to create more work for yourself, then mornings can still be more than a little chaotically hectic.

For the record, if you

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