Back To School Rituals

School starts back for most Aussie kids today (although I’ve got a few more days up my sleeve – oh, the joys!) and I find myself doing all manner of things in a bid to feel productive and useful and organised.

I’m chomping at the bit to get back into the full swing of work mode, and being severely obstructed – today by a five year old, whom has been a dragon for the last month and is currently rolling around the floor, not drying the dishes and telling me I’m being frustrating, but each day varies. Except for the dragon bit. That’s a constant.

Excited about the prospect of being able to do some real, proper, growed up person’s work and to do something about the ideas allowed to freely circle about inside my head and multiply at a growing rate, as are the ideas that are scribbled on to bits of paper in order to get them out of my head, I find I need to be doing …

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