Back to the Docs

Did the school/kinder dropoff thing and head back over to the doctors to check out my now normal sized, although still very slighly painful, foot.

Blood tests normal, so that doesn’t prove or disprove anything. Still not entirely sure what the problem was.

Better go for an X-ray.

They can’t fit me in, booked in for two days time.

Ah, well, head home to salvage the remainder of my morning before kinder pickup.

A whole 3.72 seconds.

Walk to kinder – gotta get off my bum at some point – where Godzilla bursts into tears because he wants to go home with someone else.

I’m starting to get a complex. He did this the end of last term. Hmmm.

Other Mum feels a bit bad, so takes him home.

Unltimately lost half an hour to collect a bag from kinder.

Head home to salvage what time I have left before he is dropped off and I have to do school pickup.

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