Bad Hair Days

I am a veritable vessel of special talents.

So special are they that they are oft referred to as Special Talents.

Yes, with capitals at the beginning, just in case you missed it.

Some of these talents include, but are so very not limited to:

  • Saying the most inappropriate thing possible under the circumstances. In my defence, I don’t actually know till after I’ve said it, and there is no possible way I could have known prior. Although, I do have an almost uncanny ability to tune into the feelings of others, so I wonder whether I subsconsciously pick some sort of vibe up and my brain registers it and thinks it’s a really great idea to say something about it. Out loud. To the worst possible person it could be said to.
  • Planning stuff only for my plans not to be thwarted, but completely and utterly obliterated. As one who thrives on consistency, I don’t actually know what that word means, so long has it been since I have experienced it.
  • Laughing in the face of adversity. You know, like seeing the bright side of laugh, and the humour in every situation. This is very different, mind, than finding the silver lining (which is also a very good talent to have, it’s just not one I possess). Okay, basically I laugh at everything, especially things that are not okay to be laughed at. Yes, I’m probably going to Hell.

Basically, I have what is colloquially known as a Bad Hair Day often.

Almost daily.

The days it doesn’t happen, I worry.

I also have

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