Bag Idol

Monkey Boy had school swimming lessons (fortunately, his bathers and towel were dry and unused after yesterday’s swimming lessons) and a sleepover (a saving grace, his Grumpy dad wanted the entire train set removed from the living area, so Monkey Boy negotiated) so had to pack three bags.

School, swimming and sleepover.

After my pissed offedness last night, and the thin ice he was on this morning, he was overly helpful.

But, oh “which bag should I use for my sleepover, Mummy”

Meanwhile, I was attempting to make two lunches, in a fatigued state, and work out where I had left my MUG of coffee.

“But should I take the Bob bag? Or the Thomas one? I just can’t decide!”

“Um, look, its not really going to matter, just pack one.”

After half an hour of debating and questioning,

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