Be Prepared

In order to avoid the School Morning Bitch Fight, I opted to be a little more prepared and get the kids semi-sorted for their first day back tomorrow; pack bags with what they can, make sure they have clean, washed, dried and folded clothes to wear … we’re not having much luck.

Despite having asked them approximately a bazillionty times to Take Everything Out Of Their Bags late last year, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, 47 times on New Years Eve, another 28 on New Years day and several times more since then, I thought I’d better check again.

“Are your school bags entirely empty of everything?!” I yell from the kitchen.

“Yes,” is the choral reply. I’m not entirely convinced they knew what they were saying “yes” to.

This was followed shortly by “Hey, mum, Godzilla has some M&Ms in his bag. They just fell out

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