Beautiful Boy

Relented and went into school to help with reading and other activities.

Hmmm, that’s a fun job. Forgot how badly 5 year olds read.

Monkey Boy was very worried about Sally, the little girl who was “being pushed around”. She’s been sick.

Had to leave before I’d anticipated – well actually, what really happened was that I thought recess started earlier than it did (wishful thinking? maybe) and had arranged for Godzilla to get his 4 year old jabs (only one month late). So got out of that.

(Grumpy had to cut is Coffee With Swimming Mums short to come along, too. Especially as he had Godzilla)

Took Godzilla to local council centre for immunisations. Survived that. Gotta love a four year old. And nurses who try to be reasonable with them.

Godzilla took the jabs with an evil look directed at the nurse, and only saying “Ouch” with each one. Not bad at all.

Picked up Monkey Boy who was, by this stage, desperate to write a card to Sally.

Unusual, given that he hates picking up a pencil (half way through term two, and in grade one, and he’s already been kept in for not finishing work) and when he does do something creative, it will be done with a grey lead pencil. If that’s not available, he will, begrudgingly, resort to blue pen or a grey coloured pencil.

So when he spent an hour and a half using all the coloured (mostly unused) pencils in his overstuffed pencil case, I was suprised. He’d drawn pictures, used a different colour for each letter of their names.

But when he showed me the back of the card, I nearly cried … “I hope you come out of your wheelchair and never go back in again”

Some days, he can be the most adorable and caring person on this earth.

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