Bed protected!

This is not a paid or sponsored review / post, although I was sent the product in question at no cost to me, in order review it.

We – by which I mean the Grumpy One, yelling at me at random intervals to come and assist him whilst I was in the middle of something terribly important – completely stripped the bed the other day, vacuumed the mattress (he does like to vacuum things) and flipped it, hung various bits out on the line to air and remade the whole thing.

Starting with a Quilted Mattress Pad from Protect-A-Bed.

Now, they do claim to aid you in having a better night’s sleep. They have, unfortunately, not yet mastered the art of ensuring the toddler sleeps through, and the seven year old doesn’t wake up at some stupid pre-7am hour all chirpy and wanting a cuddle / to put his cold feet all over you. They also haven’t worked out how to prevent the loud snoring from next to you.

Hmmm, unless the suggestion regarding a pillow over the face to stop snoring permanently is just hard to find on their site ….

They do say that it will helpw ith a health, anti-allergy sleep, however,

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  1. What does my mattress need protecting from? A husband who farts lethally, dribbles and snores [not sure that the bed needs protecting from his snoring, but I do!] A toddler who likes to get in our bed with her drink, and dribble it all out of her mouth [it is more fun than swallowing it], my waters potentially breaking in January [not before, fingers & legs crossed], leaky milk patches [joy!] and of course, the wee poo and spew of a new baby after the breaking of waters and milk leakage which will probably continue a while.

    Does it wash itself??

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