A Behaviour Beyond Reprehensible

Now I work more of my time out of my home, I am exposed to many more interactions with other people.

People I work with and stand next to on the train.

People in the lift and people at the next table in the food court.

People wandering the street or waiting for someone in the foyer.

People, people everywhere.

I’m either involved in, privy to, or overhearing their conversations. Snippets here and there through to long, deep discussions.

There is one topic that comes up a lot. It is one that frustrates me no end. It is intriguing. It confuses me greatly.

It is one comment I hear over and over and over again that really does it. The far-too-common

I’ve been so bad today.

Always, always preceded or followed by

I ate …

and anyone one (or number) of the following:

cake/chocolate/lollies/donuts/biscuits/chips/hot dogs/bread/sweets/dessert/McDonalds…


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