Behind The Scenes: Dairy Australia and Room To Grow

Up nice and early this morning, as I’m heading off into the big City to The Dairy Kitchen to film a couple of segments for Room To Grow.

Collected by the Show’s producer, we set the GPS, then argued with it the whole way. Especially when it delivered us to the wrong side of the road and we arrived frazzled.

I do love that we were greeted at Dairy Australia by this delightful looking cow:

Isn’t she cute?

Anyhoo, I interviewed the delightful Amber Drake (after mispronouncing her name wrong approximately seven times, which was rather annoying as I spent most of the night before, repeating Dairy Australia’s Nutrition Program Managers, Amber Drake instead of sleeping) about why kids need calcium, and how awesome dairy foods are for providing it.

As an aside, mums also need to give their kids dairy for calcium (and other nutrients) because there is not much more inconveniencing than a child with a broken limb (all that whinging!) as a result of something as simple as not enough calcium in their diet.

I’m kinda a little horrified that 4 out of 5 primary school kids

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  1. The cow reminds me of childhood holidays when we would stop at Bega.
    Unfortunately we can’t have dairy here, otherwise there would be a lot of cheese in our house too.

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