Behind the Scenes: Room To Grow and my idol

Another day of filming for my favourite TV show and one of the other things I do – Room To Grow TV

This one was a bit of a last minute addition to Season 4 – but one I was soooo extremely excited about. I’m not allowed to tell you what we filmed as it is a new product that’s not being released until next week – but I can tell you it is pretty damned amazing.

No, I was so excited because I got the opportunity to work with Dr Joanna McMillian – a renowned dietician whom I have had much respect for for many years. She appeared as a speaker at course I attended many moons ago, in my lycra clad, personal training days. She not only spoke brilliantly, but her message about the nutritional health and wellbeing of the population sat close to my values, she spoke not in blanket terms, but in the uniqueness of individuals and their requirements and I just loved her.

She was ace back then and she still is.

Needless to say, I spent hours last night, running over and over my script to ensure I got her name and title correct.

I did this whilst my Biggest One, Monkey Boy, decided to help, and lay on my bed, with my script, pulling me up on even the teensiest of discrepancies between the words on the page and those that came out my mouth. Thus ensued a long-winded explanation about The Gist and ensuring the information required was included, but it was ok that it not be exactly word for word.

This process, of course, was aided by the Middlest and Littlest, who firstly both managed to crawl their way between my shoulder-width-apart feet and stay there. Both of them, at the same time. Then they proceeded to wrestle each other whilst there.

There I stood, in my jarmies, with two children wrestling between my feet and the eldest one stopping me every third word saying “you said “the” not “a””.

The two younger ones, having given up on fighting each other, crawled their way out form betwixt my legs, kicking and punching as they went. The Littlest one then saw it fit to take great run ups, punching my bum cheeks as he rammed into the back of me.

I held great fears for my introduction to someone I greatly admired being something along the lines of “I’m hear with Dr Joanna … will you piss off

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