Behind the Scenes: Room to Grow and Stress

I filmed another two segments for Room To Grow today.

Always fun.

It was organised for one segment, but we faced a serious issue. Mainly, I seriously struggle to say very little. It’s a gift. I know. You’re jealous.

Also, the topic was stress, something I clearly know little about. I read about it once. In a book. A long time ago. No experience whatsoever.

So … it turned out I was asked to shorten the script. I solved the problem by making it two. Ok, yes, I did cull quite a bit, but then it became two segments. Thankfully, the producer felt this to be a good idea as we could include more detail over two segments, thus providing more information.

Grumpy Pants abandoned ship with the kids when the crew arrived, and I faffed about feeling useless whilst they took over the lounge and set up the equipment. I really must learn to be more of a prima donna in these circumstances …

I did sweep the floor around them. Mostly because it needed sweeping. I’m hoping its not just me, and that other people also have children who make as much sandy/foody/dusty mess as my kids do. Mess that regenerates; as soon as you sweep an area and clear it of food, dust, sand, dirt, Trashies and dead Stewarts

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