Behind The Scenes: Room To Grow – Exercise

Another day of filming for Room To Grow today – the topic is Exercise.

More specifically, it is four segments devoted to showing mums ways in which they can easily incorporate exercise and physical activity into their day.

Please remember, I am totally qualified to present these segments, having many, many years as a fitness and personal trianer and former aerobics instructor. Sadly, my fluoro, g-string , lycra leotards are nowhere to be found, despite the nagging of the camera crew for me to locate them.

And, funnily, suddenly, the toilet is blocked and looking rather irridecent pink. I have no idea why.

Anyhoo, before I start anything, I realise that my new pants only come to my knees and there’s a good chance there’ll be some shots of my legs. After only half a MUG of coffee, and whilst wrapped in a damp towel, husband commentating along the way, I perform a half leg wax on myself. On both legs. Not “half

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  1. I love the clothes! And since I’ve recently discovered that improving fitness (relative to my previous 40.5 years as a sedentary slob) is more fun than I thought it would be, I do feel I need to start looking the part instead of breaking into a run in ill-fitting trackies that ride up my bum and flap around my calves.

    Huge best wishes for the show!

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