Being Mind Full

There is much doing the rounds at the moment around Mindfulness; the practice (or art of, if you’ve mastered it) of being fully present and aware of stuff and things from a first person perspective.

Essentially, you are fully conscious and aware of how you are feeling, thinking, being and all the rest of it at all times. I also interpret it to mean being aware of how you are affecting and impacting upon others, as well as being responsible and accountable for all of your actions and choices.

Not sure how correct that is, but whatevs. That’s my interpreation of it.

There’s not a lot doing the rounds re mindfullness though (with a double-l, not a single one). Aside from a shitload of people going on about how if you’re overwhelmed and stressed, then to practice being mindful.

There’s even colouring in books devoted to the practice. Some are called “adult colouring books” which make me giggle like a school girl, because I’m all mature and shit like that.

Anyhoo, when you are mindfull, then being told to practice being mindful seems like a sensible thing to follow up on. Unfortunately, it also just seems like one more bloody thing to add to the list of a bloody long list of things to do.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll get around to it, for I am mindful of how well adapt I am at procrastination. See?!

I don’t think I’m alone in being mindfull at this time of year. For t’is around this time that everyone decides to have some sort of end of year concert/party/dinner out/performance/ceremony/celebration. Which makes much sense, as it is both Christmas season

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