Big School Orientation Day

Orientation day for Godzilla today.

The day started off confusing enough. We dropped Monkey Boy off, as per usual, and then spent 10 minutes convicing Godzilla that, no, he couldn’t stay, orientation was later today and we had swimming lessons now.

Head well and truly done in, managed to talk him out of the school grounds and into the car. Went swimming, came home and spent the next 3 hours answering questions.

“Is it 2 O’Clock yet?”

“What does the clock look like when its 2 O’Clock?”

“Why does the clock look like that? I want it to look like 2 O’Clock.”

At 1.20 (when the big hand is on the 4 and the little hand on the 1) we left for the 4 and a half minute drive to school. And had to restrain Godzilla from entering Monkey Boy’s classroom.

On the upside, at least he was keen.

Finally, we were allowed in, where the principal had a chat to the students and parents for next year. Except for me, who was sitting on a teensy chair, that accommodated one bum cheek, feeding Chippie who, as per usual, had timed things brilliantly.

The kids were split up into smaller groups, assisted by Monkey Boy who had convinced all teaching staff that he was, definitely, one of the helpers for the day. To make things easier, they had allocated new kids into classrooms with older siblings where applicable. Thus, Godzilla was with Monkey Boy to assist in the transition.

Monkey Boy had obviously been abducted by aliens and replaced with a caring, compassionate, but exceptionally well copied physically, little boy, who took his brother under his wing. Too much for Godzilla not being yelled at, pushed and argued with, he collapsed onto the floor and cried.

Not what I was expecting from him on his orientation day! And not after this morning.

So, I left the room to check out the bits of the school that I already knew more about than I wanted to.

Guilt overcame me (damn that Guilt) and I went back to check on him. There he was, still lying on the floor sobbing, in amongst a group of kids he wasn’t supposed to be with. His group had moved to another area of the classroom and were singing about cats and rabbits.

I cuddled him for a bit and said some soothing words, but still he didn’t want to participate. Monkey Boy’s exact but

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