Birthday boy wants, birthday boy gets

Today is Godzilla’s Family Birthday gathering.

An essential part of our social life and accumulation of more crap for our children that we don’t need. This year, however, due to the repeated requests re electic guitar, complete with all the whosiwhatsits it needs, we arranged for financial contribution to this gift. Thus, he got what he wanted and all the bits he would need to go with what he wanted and nothing we he didn’t want.


The cake was another element of the gathering, and an equally essential component for Godzilla who has his way of doing things and a cake must be present at the birthday celebration party.

After much discussion pertaining to my lack of interest, ablity and care in creating a “Zubo” cake. I still have absolutely no idea what Zubo is, but I humoured entertained him for a while, watching him point out each character on the front of the game case and say “that one, then?” before we moved on.

I am usually compliant when it comes to crazy suggestions, but I dunno that my brain will cope right now. Also, I don’t know who most of those characters are or what they do. I did suggest I’d be happy with doing a head or something, but not a whole person. Or the “Z” but then we both got carried away about how this would be done. Mostly him, because he’s never made a cake in his life and is under the impression I’m some kind of birthday cake making super freak. He is sadly mistaken.

I made him go away and collect the children’s birthday cake books, where he went in a totally obscuer direction and determined he would like a “Lady Bird cake”.

Which is also out of my Using a Standard Cake Tin And Nothing Else capabilities, but as my brain was in non-functioning mode and couldn’t think of a better alternative, I said “OK”. Then listened to Grumpy say “We have a pudding bowl” like I was a moron. Which, at the time, I probably was.

Brain sorted. Items were purchased yesterday. Except the licorice with which to do the stripe up the middle. And the Freckles.

Neither of which was a problem, as in true Godzilla style he determined he would like “a dark blue body and a light blue head” instead of the recipe-suggested “red body and black head”. Also a green stripe down the middle, not black. And Jaffa spots.

So … pretty much not that cake at all, really.

Also, I’d run out of liquor to make the cake, which was almost a disaster. I thought we only had vodka on hand, which was ok for the me making it part, but not for adding to the cake. I located some brandy, which I figured would be an ok substitute for “coffee liqueur” that the recipe called for.

Cake was baked during the Royal Nuptuals and it just required decorating and putting together. Not necessarily in that order. Not necessarily not in that order either. We just see how we go as we’re doing it.

I also determined it had been three days, I think, since my last shower, which I was going to rectify after the cake putting together thing, but was unable to function adequately, so washed enough oil out of my hair to solve the issues in the Middle East, determined my true skin colour and felt much better.

It also came to my attention, post shower and during the cake creation phase that I had forgotten to get something for the antenna-y bits of the Not Ladybug, and Godzilla had yet to come up with some out of left field suggestion that might, possibly work. Thankfully my partly-functioning brain was able to go some way to matching his and I found the solution in the two odd candles we had for the cake.

(Yes, he insisted on basketball candles, because … um, well … he just did, ok? But the only came in a pack of six, so we had to get some other candles to make up the eight ….)

The resulting creation ….

Yes, you too can have a weird looking cake if you have a child with unusual thoughts … that also have the potential to break my brain, but anyhoo …

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