Birthday Cake Horrors and Mental Disorders

I bet you were hoping this was a blog post about birthday cakes that have gone wrong and how I could show you tips and tricks on how you could easily rectify these problems.

Or point and laugh at someone else’s misfortunes.

Or even a gallery of cakes made by those with a mental disorder that would produce an eclectic collection if interesting dessert fare.

Sadly, no. It is, instead, a stern warning.

Are you aware of just how many germs a birthday cake has?

Do you know how many more they inherit when someone blows out the candles on the aforementioned cake?!

I bet you didn’t. And, as a result,

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  1. This is just out of control! Seriously, kids probably exchange more germs just sitting next to each other on the floor. You know, where they pick their nose and wipe it, or have that pee accident or, hello, vomit!

    Jesus people, raising kids is hard enough without all this other bullshit!

    1. You’ll be pleased to know then, Kim that the answers to my Research Question “How many children have died or been hospitalised for a serious infection or similar, due to eating a birthday cake that wasn’t theirs? I.e. someone else blew the candles out.” net no actual figures at all.

      Phew! What a relief!

      It did, however, gain a few “FFS!” so I’m quiet convinced you’re not alone in your thoughts 🙂

  2. How the hell did my lot make it to their teens?

    The cake…If we’re going to do the birthday thing, we’re going to do it full on. The candles on our birthday cakes are blown out multiple times, depending on how many kids want a go. Imagine the germ horrors that caused!

    My house is a disaster zone. We don’t require hand sanitiser usage before we eat our meals. Good old soap and water will do, but I’m certain there were many times they didn’t even do that. The animals are all happier indoors than out. Cats and dogs have been known to sleep on the beds while the kids are in them. (shock horror)

    There is so much stupidity out there now that it’s costing kids their childhood. They will never get to look back at the tree-climbing experiences, or bug catching in the garden. No jumping in puddles or messing in mud.

    Where’s the fun in being a kid if you can’t get dirty and swap a polite germ or two?

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