Birthday-Christmas-Family Morning

After my *ahem* tantrum yesterday and a relatively decent sleep last night, and with a big, full day ahead, I felt I best get my shit sorted and just do what needed to be done.

Upon waking, this was a) finish Monkey Boy’s birthday cake for his Friend Birthday Gathering later this morning and b) decide what I’m going to do about the tree which will be the least stressful AND keep me happy.

I started with ganache – the chocolate god of many arms – because, well, stress was reigning anyway, so why not start with that which stresses me anyway.

I’ve not had good experiences with ganache before. I was anxious.

Grumpy – very calmly and patiently – explained the process to me again. He is, indeed, a very tolerant man at time. I love him for this.

So, the ganache was made in what turned out to be a rather anti-climactic experience, with no dramas or anything. Elated by this outcome, my spirits were lifted (and not just the vodka, in a glass, to my mouth) and I felt inspired and motivated and, above all else, productive.

Also, I had just over an hour before teenage friends were to be arriving and I was in my jarmies.

So, I became a Christmas Angel and decided we’d best get the tree finished before their arrival.


With a little bit of assistance from my other Christmas Angel …

Other Christmas Angel - helping

Monkey Boy decided he’d help to, which he commenced by ranting at my choice of music on my iPod.

“Can’t we just put my iPod on?” he asked, with little in the way of whine. Impressive.

“What? On the tree?” I ask, because I, too, can be a smartarse when the need arises.

Which is how this happened.


Once we’d got all the important decorations on …

Essential and special home made Christmas decorations

We could officially declare the MishMash Tree docorated!


MishMishTree - left view

MIshMash Tree - right view

Ticking that job of the list, all I had to do was complete the birthday cake – also a Not-A-Train cake.

Not-A-Train Cake

And we were ready for guests to arrive … well, except I need a shower and to get dressed.

Also, am exhausted and a sleep would be lovely. Putting up trees and making cakes is hard work!

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