Birthday Party Fun & Plan Failures

T’is the day of Godzilla’s birthday celebrations.

Well, the first. What with family being so vast, I generally organise for two ‘parties’; one with his friends, and a separate celebratory event for family.

Hmm, that makes it sound way more elegant and spectacular than it actually is.

Don’t be fooled; they’re lucky if there are balloons. Sometimes there are, but only if someone finds some that I’ve stashed somewhere, yet can’t explain how they even came into my possession.

So ‘celebratory event’ isn’t a highly organised and coordinated event that has required meticulous planning, caterers and themeing.

Indeedy, no. It’s essentially gatherings that I facilitate, in a location and in numbers that I am adequately able to manage. Ish.

So, today was a bunch of friends, at the local AMF for a couple of rounds of laser skirmish, before heading to a completely unorganised/disorganised, running around a playground like idiots and stuffing faces with the most minimal of foodstuffs to deter the “I’m hungry”s multiplied by eight. Or nine. Or however many kids there were, including my own.

Upon arrival at the venue, we were advised that a school holiday deal they had going had been extended, so we weren’t limited to the two games of laser skirmish we had booked, and could stay there all day if we wanted.

I could see this working to my advantage, and I quickly worded the parents up as they dropped the kids off and answering there “Soooo, where do we pick them up from; here or the playground?” with an “I dunno. If we’re not there, we’ll be here.”

Then I wonder, quietly, to myself, whether I should be allowed to organise birthday parties, and be in charge of a bunch of boys aged 10 to 13 years, and wonder if the parents who have left their children with me think the same.


I was gearing up for a couple of rounds of laser skirmish, whilst my two older kids were saying “mum, please don’t. Just, please don’t!” and the other kids were being all polite and looking at each other to see who was going to speak up first and either accept or decline my invitation to join them.

Join them I did and it was FUN!

I still must refrain from using profanities when playing skirmish, laser or otherwise, with kids, but I was able to keep it all under my breath this time.

Having organised the Grumpy One to meet us at the local playground with hot foods, chips and drinks, I figured we’d better make our way over there for some face stuffing, and refuelling, and a bit of outdoor running around. We’d then decide if we were going to persist with fresh air, sunshine and the great outdoors, or head back to the dark, noisy, indoors for more play.

As we made our way to the playground, I realised I was left to escort some nine boys, entirely on my own, and received a considerable

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