Birthdays and booby cakes

It’s Grumpy’s birthday today.

I’m still struggling to come to terms with the fact he didn’t want a big party. I’m a party kinda person. I don’t get people who don’t want parties.

Also, he “doesn’t want anything” for his birthday. So he’s getting a big, power tool thing he bought for himself a few weeks back and Monkey Boy snaffled and hid. And a carving knife set, a good one, that I was going to buy for him, but didn’t because “I don’t want anything” and I ummed and ahhed anyway and thought he wouldn’t use it, and he found the link in my e-mail inbox and bought it. Technically, I did the ordering and purchasing because he’s a techno-tard, a term courtesy of my 15 year old niece, and it was too hard for him.

Or, technically, too frustrating for me watching him do it, so I took over.

Same same.

So he got them.

And we’d already done the cake thing, but I still couldn’t let the day go by without cake.

It’s just wrong.

Thankfully, I was prepared. You see, two days ago he said “are you cooking me breakfast this morning”. Followed almost immediately by “show me your tits”.

I kinda figure its one or the others, so confirmed them “yes, I want you to cook me breakfast and show me your tits”. Then he wanted me to make his birthday cake. Ok, technically, I wanted him to have a cake. But, still, it needed doing.

Thus, he was after:

  • a cooked breakfast
  • an ogle at my boobs
  • a birthday cake

He got his cooked breakfast two days ago.

He got this for his birthday cake last night:

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  1. Thank you. I like to think they are nice and interesting.

    These ones are made from my special chocolate mud cake and a white chocolate … ganachey type thing. Probably not technically a ganache as I made it up as I went along.

    Obvoiously, they also have some pink colouring in them.

    Thank you 🙂

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