Blingles Giveaway Pt 2 – with a $500 toy hamper – the Blingle Off!

Yay! We’re up to Part 2 of our Blingles giveaway!

This is the bit where one of our 20 Blingle Offers will win a $500 Toy Hamper, courtesy of Moose Enterprises (who are just so cool!)

Our twenty Blinglers have been chosen – not hard, they were basically the first twenty capable of following the conditions of scoring a Blingles Pack to participate in phase 2; i.e. sending an email, as specified, to the email address provided.

These twenty are:

  • Wendy J
  • Joyce C
  • Jasmine A
  • Kim G
  • Kim L
  • Chantal F
  • Christie H
  • Catherine D
  • Kim R
  • Bree Mc
  • Katrina M
  • Cheree R
  • Belinda W
  • Holly M
  • Ines Mc
  • Effie B
  • Lyndal J
  • Meron S
  • Emma Mc, and
  • Kirsty B

Congratulations, chicks!

Your Blingles Packs have been sent and if you haven’t received it already, then you should do in the next day or so.

Step 2 … your mission now – and you’ve already accepted it, so

3 Replies to “Blingles Giveaway Pt 2 – with a $500 toy hamper – the Blingle Off!”

  1. Um… just checking – any limit to the number of entries? Cos DAMN I’m so going to bling hubby’s toolbag when he brings it home after this shift block!

  2. Great question … it’s looking like it’s loads of fun and people are being extremely creative so tempting to say “no limits” … however, let us be reasonable (pahahahaha)

    Let’s say “Up 3-5 photos per person maximum” … but one or two is perfectly ok, too 🙂

    Keep them coming – they’re looking fantastic!

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