Bloggers Family BBQ Day

Kids Business was at it again, only this time they’ve opened their Bloggery event up to blogger’s families.

It has it’s pros and cons … but as I’m regularly nagged to death by my eldest about “when are we going to another of those blog thing day things” and “when can I have my own blog” I thought I’d force them to come along with me.

So, today, after desperately needing a sleep in and not getting one, we head off to this Bloggers BBQ at the PowerHouse alongside Albert Park Lake.

I was accompanied by Grumpy Pants and my three children, only shortly after we arrived Monkey Boy vanished and I was regularly seen with Darth Maul (apparently of Star Wars fame and which I would know if I “was a good mother”) from then on.

He even had it written on his name tag, which were rather impressive, I must say.

Monkey Boy Darth Maul and Godzilla made the most of the samples that Lenard’s Chicken and McCormack’s were offering, then Godzilla helped himself to approximately 500 litres of Cottee’s cordial. Before lunch.

I, instead, went for something far, far less painful than dealing with my children at such a fun event, and had my eyebrows waxed, in public, whilst someone, I don’t know who as my eyes were shut, took photos …

(Ironically, it was Nads, who had featured prominently in my antics of yesterday, before the Digital Parents Dinner … so there you go! Funny!)

Chippie made the most of Ella’s Kitchen and her little coloured ball filled playground, and remained there for the majority of the function.

A Target fashion show and “styling” session went on up on stage, which I

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