Blood, Snot and Tears

Another horrible night with Chippie and his snotty nose, fever and inability to sleep or allow anyone else to sleep.

Thus, awake early, and dealing with a tantrum that had something to do with a tissue. I’m not sure exactly what. I did think it might have been because I wiped his nose with it, but as he screamed, grabbed it, tried to stuff it back in the box, grabbed it again, wiped his nose with it, tore it to pieces (still screaming), wiped his nose with it again and tried to stuff it back into the box again, I wasn’t so sure.

He then wiped his nose on my cleavage. Again.

Still screaming.

Breakfast had, kids offloaded, Chippie remaining home from swimming and childcare due to lack of wellness and potential disease spreading, I set about as much work as possible whislt Grumpy was home to “help”.

Which he did my doing something that wasn’t watching Chippie, and allowing me to hop and check out what that scream was. Yes, that one immediatley after the loud bang we just heard. The one he was closer to.

More tears, more snot and … erk … stinky bum. Deal with that, manage to get poo on thumb (euwwy euww!), cuddle a bit, wipe snot from nose on my shirt (why the hell not?), tickle and laugh, wipe slobbery mouth on my neck and … ah, looky. Now there’s blood.

Mixing with the slobbery bits that are still dribbling despite them being wiped from mouth and chin only seconds before with my neck, and appearing to come from a small cut on the inside of his lip. Quite likely a result of the Loud Bang Followed Seconds Later By Loud Hurty Scream.

He goes to bed, he wakes up screaming for no apparent reason. He continues to scream when I go in, and he holds his arms out to be picked up. He them screams some more when I pick him up and he turns and tries to climb out of my arms and head back into cot. Then, he screams a little more when I put him back in. And a lot more when I attempt various things that I think he might concerned about.

He screams when I attempt calm him down and cuddle him and settle him and try not to lock him in cupboard when he hits me in the face.

He continues to scream for quite a bit longer, lots of tears, lots of snot and then some tears from me.

Decide to get a teensy bit more work done, sit him on my lap, snuggle him whilst he is relatively calm – which, given how calm he wasn’t, “relatively” he was very much calmer, but by “calm” standards; Not. Even. Close! – and I set about

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  1. My daughter has a manky teabag fettish – which is bad because I am REALLY good at leaving old cups of tea around in spots that aren’t obvious to me when I clean up, but are obvious to small crawling children.

    Sounds like Chippy is having a bad run though, and your boobs sound well marinated.

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