Blood Sports?!

It started off a relaxing day; my morning coffee, a walk with a friend, followed by a 2 hour breakfast with our families.

Then it was time for lunch, a ‘quiet’ afternoon wathcing DVDs with the kids, a sleep, a bath (on my own! Woo HOO!), some baking, the dinner.

Our post dinner Family Wii night commenced, where Grumpy and I kept getting beaten. Fortunatley, and something to soothe our already battered self-esteems, the remotes went flat. What to do?! We could sit around chatting about our week, but that didn’t offer any opportunity to redeem ourselves. Someone suggested Uno.

Sounds good to me. A bit of skill involved, but not much. Good chance of winning a couple of games and paying the kids back for beating us on the Wii all the bloody time. It was working. We even reduced Monkey Boy to tears, him wailing that “no one ever lets me win!”

Yeah, like we’re gonna allow ourselves to be beaten by an eight year old? Yeah, right. Pfft! The competition between Grumpy and I is bad enough.

Distracted by the eight year old, we lost our focus and the five year old won a hand! He leapt up in triumph, yelling “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” and throwing his hands in the air.

Collecting my head on the way up and drawing blood.

Now that is taking it just a little bit too far, in my opinon!

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