Bloody cats. Bloody mothers!

Sitting and reading with Monkey Boy and trying to feed and settle a not very happy or well Chippie, whilst Godzilla bounced around the house and threw himself on the floor after a bouncy ball.

Not one of the super bouncy ones, but bouncy enough for my head.

“Take it outside!”

“No. I can’t. I like playin’ it inside. And it will get lost in the pumpkin outside.”

Probably, given the pumpkin plant has taken over the majority of the backyard, and we’re concerned that it will grab one of the kids by the leg and drag him into one of the big yellow flowers and eat him.

Maybe ‘concerned’ isn’t quite the right word. “Hopeful” may be more appropriate.

Anyhoo, after some discussion, out he heads, only to come back in five minutes later saying “I told you I can’t play wif my ball out there! It got lost in the pumpkin.”

I make vague suggestions about following it, or to stop annoying me and we’ll look in the morning. Out he goes again.

“Stupid cat!” I hear, and he approaches, holding the smallest of our cats. “I ask Cupcake to go in the pumpkin and get my green ball, coz she’s the only one that will fit, and she won’t go in there!”


She won’t go and get my ball in the pumpkin!”

“Um. Did you ask her too?”


“Um. Ok. Did you ask her nicely?”

“Yes! And she won’t get my ball!” boo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

“And I told you I can’t play wif it out there. I’m telling DADDY.”

Well. Looks like the cat and I have been told.

2 Replies to “Bloody cats. Bloody mothers!”

  1. Yeah, cats are the most unsympathetic uncooperative creatures God invented. Dunno why He did that.

    Sounds like you need to send the boys outside with scissors and tell them to attack the pumpkin plant. Could occupy them for an entire long weekend.

  2. We’re getting some good pumpkins on it! I just hope they’re all edible.

    ‘specially now littlest one is eating and can do a pumpkin himself in one sitting.

    Still, the backyard is looking somewhat like a scene from Harry Potter, and the bloody tomatoes didn’t take this year. Grrrrr.

    The kids may also very well be eaten by said pumpkin plant, so we’re going book shopping instead.

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