Bloody hormones

My period was late.

Like LATE.

But I’d had the angry phase and was now into the incredibly tired phase.

Was I pregnant?

But I couldn’t worry about that as we have children that required feeding. As the monthly shop was way more overdue than my period, I had to prioritise it and not sit around on the couch in a mild deperssion eating 70% cocoa Lindor chocolate.

By the block.

Besides, as the monthly shop was more overdue than my period, we didn’t have any chocoalate in the house at all.


But I can’t believe what I did during the shop. I’m putting it down to rampaging hormones, but I’ve never done anything like it before. Not even during pregnancy. Or PMT.

I purchased a teensy, yes, one of those one-serve teensy tubs of gourmet chocolate ice-creams to consume during a movie tonight.

Don’t see the point in something that size, myself, and not really sure why I purchased it. Aside from the obvious – consuming it while watching a movie. Guilt must be cathing up with me.

But that’s not the worst of it. Actually that’s normal, aside from the miniscule size of the tub.

No, I did worse. I purchased a second tub!!!

Worse than that, I purchased it with the full intention of giving it to Grumpy to consume while watching a movie tonight.

Bloody hormones! The power they have over your decisions is just not on.

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