Bloody Mozzies! A Para'kito Review

Some time ago – like quite some time ago – I was sent a handful of products from a company proclaiming to repel mozzies.

This was when we were living in our previous house; a rental which came with a multitude of horrendous problems, including, but not limited to, the fact it had not been cleaned in a decade or more, heating that was screwed, cooling that was equally screwed, water running down the kitchen wall for 8 hours when we first tried to run the cooling and … oh, just lots of stuff.

It was awful.

Our biggest problem, however, was the mosquitoes.

They were in close to plague proportions, they were HUGE, and they were unrelenting.

I have no idea where they came from; one of the ancient tanks located in the front or back yard, some sort of colony under the house, or, quite likely, in the filthy cooling system itself.

I have not seen mosquitoes like this, ever, and I spent a considerable part of my youth in FNQ (Far North Queensland, I’m not swearing at you) AND have a slight allergy to mozzies. I also attract them like Lynx deodorant attracts teenage boys as its target market.

Mozzies LOVE me.

I have passed this gene onto two of my children, only they seem to have got the ‘allergy’ bit worse than I.

It’s awful.

My husband and eldest whine and complain when they get bitten; one, single, teensy little spot that vanishes after five minutes.

The rest of us, well, put it this way. I got a phone call from Chippie’s childcare centre, concerned about the multitude of spots on his back and wondering if he’d been to the doctor to be checked out for measles.

It was bad.

His face, his body, his arms, his legs were covered in them. Big, red welts.

Godzilla and I weren’t much better.

And they did not let up when the cooler months came.

Which is around the time I got the email asking if I wanted to review the products. Given I had tried the indoor spray thing that goes off every couple of hours, insect sprays, mozzie coils, aromatherapy and essential oils, citronella candles … I was happy to try anything.

So .. Para’kito; an all natural mosquito repellent.

I wasn’t holding out much hope. What we needed was something a little more … nuclear …

What I was sent was a couple of refillable bands, some refillable clips, and a handful of refills.


Both are waterproof, suitable for all climates, very, very portable, suitable for kids of all ages, including babies, adults, pregnant women, people with allergies (although, of course, check your allergy) and both are really freaking awesome at keeping mozzies away.

Like … just, really good.

Although designed for outdoor use – and I’ll probably get in trouble for this – given the intensity of mozzies in the house, we had a clip in each of the kids’ bedrooms.

They did the trick.

I cannot explain how awesome this was. To have my then four/five year old looking like he had some sort of infectious rash on his face and body, to the odd bite (although, still horrendous, red and welty) was such a relief.

The refills apparently last for 15 days straight, which would be my only gripe about them.

Because, they’re designed for camping and stuff like that (stuff I don’t do) to keep the mozzies away when you’re doing outdoorsy things, then they’re great. However, if you’re doing a weekend camp, or a few days/nights away, then you get your few days use out of them, then the rest is kind of wasted until you go again. In which case, you’d need the refill.

If they could arrange it so it was on when you needed, and off when you didn’t, to preserve it’s awesome power, then that’d be … um, awesome? Having said that, I was at the point where I didn’t care, and would happily have bought a vat of the stuff.

We have now moved away from those evil, clearly GMO or something mosquitoes. We do have mozzies around here, but in lower numbers, and they are not so mutant. Also, they tend to obey the climates and seasons a little more.

I haven’t refilled the ones we were given, and they still seem to be doing a relatively – not great – job of deterring mozzies.

They give the littlest one, Chippie, a considerably amount of reassurance, just having them nearby.

Oh, yeah, and the designs are so you can wear them around your wrist or ankle when hiking, bushwalking, or sitting around a campfire with a VB or chardy (that would be the band, obviously) and the clips can be clipped to tents, belts, shoes, hats, or whatever. Earrings, maybe? Or not.

I won’t be going camping or anything so ridiculous.

I will be ensuring I have some of these, and a lot of refills, this summer.

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