Bob and Wendy Sitting in a Tree…

Well, I wish they bloody would.

We’ve been to Blockbuster several times, and Bob the Builder is currently the fave.

But the sexual tension between Bob and Wendy is killing me.

I found myself screaming at the TV “Will you just take the reigns and take her on the desk!”

For fucks sake, can Bob do anything?

Wendy not only runs that building yard, but fixes up all his mistakes as well.

And she has to make the first move as well.

Well, Bob, maybe she would if you were slightly more competant at your job and she didn’t have to do everything for you!

And the odd “thank you” on ocassion might score you some points too, rather than taking all the credit for a job well done.

I can’t take much more of this – when do these school holidays finish?

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