Bodily functions


Had a terrible sleep last night. Well, technically, I had some small moments of sleep in between terrible awakeness.

I was tired. And very, very, very grumpy. I don’t do tired well. Nor do I do the morning after sleepless nights well. Particularly not on top of some not-wanted news.

Drop the kids off. Go to peadiatrician appointment. Go to Medicare. Go home and eat. Convince Chippie we have to go to Lego Club at school. Go to Lego Club (complete with loads of Child Entertaining Paraphernalia). Get home. Answer door to courier woth some Food Related Items I am to play with and blog about. Discover Chippie eating contents of delivery. Look down and discover poo on jeans.


Must have grabbed yesterday’s pair.


Take kids to guitar after thoroughly checking hands, clothing and hair for any food and/or bodily excremements and/or traces of.

Arrive home.

Cook dinner.

“Mum?” asks Monkey Boy. “What’s a period?”


Do I really want to have this discussion with a ten year old boy tonight?

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  1. Best advice ever: Ask why they want to know!!! 😉

    A friends 3 year old asked what sex was! She did a bit of a double take, scraped her jaw off the floor, freaked out in her head & then asked why she wanted to know! BEST MOVE EVER!!! 3 year old says: cos Daddy always says it’ll be ready in two secs! 😉 RELIEF!

    Disclaimer: obviously this story is easier to communicate verbally considering the need to technically use the wrong word initially… But then again it’s never much fun letting truth get in the way of a good story!

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