Bonds Easy Suits …

… aren’t.

These are the cute little suits that you slip over bubs head, then pull down to insert their legs and then cover their nappy-covered little bottoms by pulling up the back.

No fiddly buttons or press studs to deal with etc etc.

And the suits themselves are just gorgeous! Put a baby in them and they are even gorgeouser!

Problem I’m having is the kid I’m trying to put in them. The one on the TV ad is awesome – and they make it look so easy. It lays there placidly while the suit is pulled over their head.

It folds itself up obligingly so the leggy bits can be donned.

It then lies on its belly, all curled up and cute, sleeping peacefully.


My bub … screams and shakes his head when you pull the suit over it.

Goes stiff, curls up and refuses to unfurl, or a bit of both … kicking and screaming when you stuff a leg in the leggy bit. You get one in and it comes out while you’re trying to ram the other through.

(As for the sleeping peacefully in a cutesy curled up ball – forget it!)

3 days later … we’re dressed. Mum redfaced and sweating. 30 seconds after that, he’s spewed on the suit, bad enough so it needs changing, and you go for the standard body suit, grow suit or wondersuit, complete with buttons. Which, in retrospect, aren’t all that fiddly after all!

I did try for a refund or exchange.

But no go. My obstetrician said to me “Sorry, lady, but kids are kids and you just get what you’re given. You insisted on another boy, so deal with it!”

“But I want one like on the Bonds Easy Suit ad!” I told him. I even pouted and stamped my foot.

But he refused. Said there are no refunds or exchanges. No exception.

So, I think I’ll just stick with press studdy type suits.

Now they are easy!

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