Book Review: Cocktails at Naptime

A just the book I’ve been looking for.

Or was looking for, before my self-imposed ban on reading any sort of parenting book, ever again (at least, until I have to read over my own) lest I resort, yet again, to hurling books across bedrooms, whilst feeding a newborn and screaming about sanctimonious know it alls who are not in my bedroom as my right nipple is being removed by the gums of a 6 week old and the thought of wine makes me want to vomit.

Um .. where was I? Oh, yes. Then this book, Cocktails at Naptime

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  1. Favourite cocktail RECIPE?!? You mean there are recipes???

    Here’s what I do:

    Get a glass – the bigger the better.
    Put in a bit of ice. If it’s a hot day, you can put in a lot…
    Half fill with alcohol of choice.
    Top up with juice (or more alcohol) of choice.


  2. A real mum’s cocktail recipe, right?

    Must be able to be assembled with toddler running through house naked, while feeding the baby, and the older kids are in the bath?

    Get your one unbroken glass out of the cupboard, cos let’s face it, glasses and kids don’t mix! Or rather, the idea of having a “set” of glasses… Oh, um yeah, mummy broke one too… Oops.

    So, scrape around the back of the cupboard, and dig out a glass.

    Then check the liquor cabinet. Even if all you have is some five year old baileys and butterscotch schnapps from making cowboy shots, (probably the night that got you into all this “kids” mess anyway!) that will do.

    Put some nice tasting stuff in your glass, mix it up a bit. Add some cordial, whatever the kids have in their drink bottle for school is fine, and maybe something fizzy.

    Ok, it will probably look shite. something akin to the results of your three year old’s sneezes… But we’re used to that aren’t we?

    Now’s the time to dress it up a bit.

    If you don’t have any cocktail umbrella’s, do it real mums style…

    A smear of vegemite on the edge of the glass, and voila!

    Call it what you like, as long as it it numbs the pain, and dulls the senses, particularly your hearing, from the racket that lot are probably making by now, “mum the bath is cold, she hit me, my finger hurts, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

    Is it nap time yet?

  3. Pffft! Who has time to mix these things. Just train said child to retrieve cold beer (or Cruiser or other preferred pre-mix drink) from fridge. I currently still have to crack the lid, but I have a set of those grippy things to increase your grip strength that I get the kids to work out on nightly until they an do it themselves.

  4. Glass any shape or description (plastic is better, no cut feet if you drop it after the first one)

    Truck load of ice
    Fruit of choice, whatever needs to be used in the bottom of the fridge works best, as alcohol will kill anything that might have taken up residence!

    White spirit, vino works if there is nothing else, just add more fruit!

    Wack it in the blender/food processer- if your drinking @ nap time applicance welfare isn’t your main concern!

    Smash it in the glass………. HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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