Book Review & Giveway: Business & Baby On Board

Before I begin rambling on about stuff and things, an exciting announcement!

Recently, I – as founder of this website, blog and fabulous community, was invited to contribute to a book written by a gorgeous friend and colleague of mine; Johanna Baker-Dowdell of Strawberry Communications. It’s a book for mums who have either just started or are looking to start up their own business.

Inevitably, I agreed to be involved and the book was published and launched a little over a week ago! Hurrah!

I’ve got Chapter 20; Beating Mother Guilt on page 102 😉 Pretty excited!

But enough of that!

Johanna, the book’s author and editor calls it

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  1. Just the book I have been after..I’d love to get my hands on a copy!! I have had an idea in mind for quite some time for my own business venture. I cannot get it off the ground and I am so frustrated! I’m motivated, enthusiastic and I have got a fire in my belly about it but cannot find the time to get it up and running between working 5 days a week, a busy 6 year old and a cheeky 2 year old. I have so many ideas and plans running around in my mind I feel dizzy and I don’t know how to take the next step. I am hoping this book will help guide me in balancing being a mum and making something successful and satisfying out of all these ideas. I have had such a strong passion for so long and hearing the advice and expertise of mums who have been there, done that is not only admirable but inspiring! My hat off to you!

  2. I’m so glad someone has finally written a book such as this. I started my coaching business, After motherhood, what? this year and have found it extremely exciting, challenging and above all terrifying. Even though I have officially launched my business, I am still visited by my close companions doubt, frustration and little Miss anxiety. I would love to win this book as it sounds like it would be a nicer companion to have as I nurture this fledgling enterprise.
    Coincidentally, the women I coach are women struggling with the decision of what to do work-wise, once they have had children and realise that their old careers no longer fit their new lives. I now have a book to recommend for those who decide to start their own businesses.
    Doubly coincidentally, I’m writing a book which is similar, yet different – a distant cousin for ”Business & Baby on Board’. Similar, in that it too is about the MOTHERS! not the children, and different in that it’s about women who choose all sorts of different paths, some in business and others not.
    I wish Johanna all the success she deserves.

  3. Wow – this book sounds great and written from a mum’s perspective. Trying to balance motherhood and support my husband and our growing small business has been quite hard and I now look at all successful business women that are mums and think they must be superwomen! Well done on the book and i can’t wait to read it!

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