Boys Will Be Boys. Deal With It.

Boys will be boys.

Or so we’re told. Quite a lot actually.

I can’t speak much on behalf of the female side of this, because I don’t have any vagina-featured offspring in this household, so I don’t get told much what girls are like.

I do hear “they are so bitchy” and are “hard work, emotionally” … so maybe that’s the discourse around girls? I’m open to hearing the Female Equivalent (and maybe write a post on it, or publish a blog post written by someone else on it).

This post isn’t really about boys,

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  1. Hi Mad Cow,
    I have 3 daughters and no sons, so I feel highly qualified to write on the topic. I have always wanted to write a blog post titled “Stop Calling Your Bitches Bitches, Bitches” – sub heading “It takes one to know one”, because all three of mine have been pretty damn delightful (and I even have a fifteen year old in Year 10!) Girls will be girls, but not necessarily the girls that get the most (ly bad) press.
    I love ’em.

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