Boys will be boys? Won't they????

Star Wars Lightsabre fights between biggest one and little one, using Enjo dusting wand and previously impeccable, unused and still wrapped roll of wrapping paper.

Lots of “discussion” around “Not bloody using the wrapping paper for a bloody Light sabre” and indicating that Chippie probably shouldn’t be waving things that are twice his size around near my good (and mostly unused) vases.

Wander up hall shaking head and Godzilla (the middle one) pops out of his bedroom with a long roll of cardboard between his legs and yelling “Good afternoon! I am Harry POTTER!” several times.

Given a morning of yelling, hitting, songs about bums and flashing of penises, I had, quite franky, had enough of boys. I tilted my head to the side, looked at him out of the corner of my eye and informed him “I don’t think Harry Potter’s doodle is that big.”

Godzilla gives me an odd look, frowns slightly and says, in a tone that indicates I’m somewhat of an idiot “It’s a broomstick!”

Ah, yeah, of course it is. Silly me.


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