Bragging about my Baggy Bitz

Every now and again I experience a product I must share with you (and sometimes people send them to me for review – must do more of those on here :))

This is one such product AND service I must share with you as it is totally brilliant and deserving of some sort of Mad Cow recognition and braggage.

It is one Baggy Bitz, from where I am the extremely excited owner of not one, but three bags made by the fabulously talented Penny!

To say that “Penny ROCKS” is but an understatement. Not only has she done all three bags – a handbag, a tote bag and a messenger bag – in cowish print, but she has completely understood my desire, nay need for pockets and compartments and she complied in a way I have not yet seen in a bag. Some may suggest my need for such organisation is compulsive and pathological, but I don’t give a fuck, because it means I can organise stuff 🙂 And that makes me very happy.

Also, this is so cool, heavy duty material (don’t ask me what, if I knew that, I’d make my own damn bags. As it is, I have no clue, thus I outsource!) has been used, meaning they can endure activities that also include the use of children. Or presence of children. Whatever.

The tote bag I even used once most successfully as a nappy/baby bag. Only once, not because it was no good as a nappy bag, quite the opposite in fact, it was brilliant, however, I just felt most dirty and disrespectful that the bag was used for such a job.

I righted that when I took it with me to Shanghai and it flew business class with me. Much more appropriate for a bag of such high esteem. And it allowed me to keep all my bazillions of bits that I took with me all organised and within reach and not getting lost. Was large enough, too, to contain all the bits I did pack for on-flight, given my propensity to overpack to a somewhat pathological degree.

This particular bag was designed to my anal specifications and my desire to fit in lunch, an

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