Our regular Family Day having been distrupted for the last couple of weeks, we were very relieved excited to have been invited to attend a pre-screening of the new Disney movie, Brave.

With loads going on, it was nice to have something planned and organised that we didn’t have to think about.

We got up, got organised and got out the door in plenty of time.

I ensure the kids were dressed correctly. We had been requested to “dress up” with a bit of a Scottish theme. Not only am I not that organised, I’m also not that creative. The best I could think of was dressing Chippie in the Dorothy the Dinosaur paraphernalia we have; pyjamas, hat and tail, and calling him the Loch Ness Monster.

Sadly, the tail is in storage somewhere, and … I’m not that organised. It’s been a huge couple of weeks, leave me alone.

We did also entertain the Buzz Lightyear dress up we have,

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