7 Replies to “Breast is NOT Always Best”

  1. Hot diddly damn, here I was thinking that well fed, growing babies with Mums feeling confident that they are making great choices for their little one(s) was best, regardless of whether feeds come from titties or tins, was best…..

    GAH – friggin hate the blanket “Breast is best” statement.

  2. My left boob is longer than my right one because 2 year old uses it as a hand-hold for his climbing exploits. So apparently it’s best for that!

  3. I completely agree. Choose words carefully. Even changing words to say “breast MILK is best” would be better. Breastfeeding is not best for everyone for a gamut of reasons. Survivors of sexual assault for instance. Providing all the information about nutrition and the differences between formula and breast milk is crucial when educating women BUT at the end of the day, if women are not supported in the antenatal period nothing will make a difference. Some will comment they weren’t told about formula vs breast milk.
    Another thing: women who are told by their own mothers “You won’t be able to breastfeed because I couldn’t.” SAYS WHO??? Your breasts and whole experiences of are not the same as your daughters. There’s so many dynamics involved that can change the playing field. Women should be supported in whatever decision they make. Maybe breast feeding is not for all, but there are options to simply express and bottle feed if they so choose. Ah, there’s a special word, often undervalued…CHOICE.

    Women will do what they choose to do or feel is best for their baby or self.
    I too experienced issues with breast feeding. I wanted to do it, and did it for 12 months, with and without mastitis and with the unbidden advice on “how to breastfeed” by my former, busybody MIL (did I mention she never breastfed at all and had Caesars?). Talk about annoying!

    And another thing: these darn articles on breastfeeding, why don’t they actually put some useful information in there that may be barriers to women who might engage in it one day, rather than dictating to them?
    Or is that Titating?
    I’m sorry your breast became so painful but very glad it didn’t actually fall off and you didn’t lose it down the shower drain.

    PS- squeezing your husband’s scrotum wouldn’t have been as effective as a curling wand on it. 🙂

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