Bribery and corruption

I finally managed to get organised enough to get Monkey Boy organised and motivated enough to do his invitations for his birthday.

This, basically, consisted of finding the computer generated ones from last year (which were also from the previous year) and altering some dates. This also saved us the trouble of deciding on times and a location for the celebration.

This year, however, there were strict limitations on the number of invites being distributed.

What started of as “No party this year” turned into “three kids only” (I love a party, its not my fault I gave in easly) and then “ok five, but no more!!!”

Easy peasy.

Five kids chosen, several discussions over a week about “why not more”, some “what about” so and so’s, and many “how come’s”, and invitatiosn printed and names written on.

Ever the socialite, Monkey Boy informs me on the way home that he has “promised” another kid an invite to his party.

The enquiry – this time from me, why, how come, why did you – starts.

Apparently, this kid has laid down the gauntlet, the ultimatum, the “if you don’t invite me to yours, I’m not inviting you to mine”


This is not ok.

Especially as I know that this kid had his party a month ago! He got around it by telling Monkey Boy that his birthday was a long way away.

Good thinking!

But I put my foot down. Monkey Boy would have to retract his promised invite. I even said he could use me as the excuse – “my Mummy is evil and won’t let me invite you” I believe was his suggestion.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to set examples or teach lessons or explain the meaning of life to Monkey Boy.

I just don’t like this kid.

He’s weird!

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