Bringing back school memories

Lego Club started up at school again this week, and required a responsible adult to be in attendance.

Unfortunately, the only adult they could get was me.

Also unfortunately, it started back last week. Only the responsible adult didn’t show, so they had to cancel it at the last minute.

So I sat and supervised as much as a small group of 10-12 year old boys need supervision. That is, not much at all.

Monkey Boy asked me if I could please come into his classroom to help during the last session of the day, because I never did last year.

“That’s because I don’t like your teacher,” I replied.

He gave me an odd look and said “But you do like my teacher this year, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah. Well, I didn’t like your teacher last year, so I don’t wanna do it.”

I asked his teacher if she needed and hand, and she said

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  1. Heh… I used to help out in The Damn Emos classrooms, but not in Boo’s cause he would lose his shit.

    I admit I DO NOT miss it at all!

    And that is one of my husbands favourite jokes, but his punch line is ‘don’t pay her’ and then he laughs and laughs and I kick HIM in the twat.

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