Bum crack!

Much complaining of sore bum from Monkey Boy, and much reiterating that it hurts like it hurt when he did his arm a few weeks back.

Of course, landing on a coccyx is excruciatingly painful at the best of times, so admit, I had been doing a bit of “wait and see” to see if it calmed down.

I also did much “Of course you broke your bum. Look, it’s got a big crack in it!”

Have I mentioned how fabulously hilarious I am and how my children have approximately zero appreciation for this?

Much eye rolling occurred.

As did numerous requests for panadol, all of which I acknowledged and all of which I promptly forgot due to copious distractions for the day, including, but certainly not limited to the small pains I was experiencing after yesterday’s efforts.

It was a fairly full on, emotional and draining day for various reasons.

Not least of which was my saying “If it hurts, stop blood bouncing around the place! And get off the frigging table,

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