Bursting with pride … I'm doing ok!

Guitar lessons with some husband assistance resumed tonight.

This meant I didn’t have to cart all three kids along, and do much hanging around waiting for lessons to finish. I could take one at a time. Or we could do swapsies and both get a walk in. Dinner could be cooked and ready by the time we got home, and not have to be shoved in before 5pm, or not eaten because the kids had stuffed faces with snacks until dinner was ready at 7.30pm.

I walked Godzilla down, returned home to cook the evening meal whilst Grumpy took Monkey Boy and brought Godzilla home. I got to eat, then collect Monkey Boy.

I like this time. We get some Just Us time to chat about stuff. Usually, it is him talking innanelyabout Star Wars stuff that not only confuses me, but also bores me stupid. Then he tells me I really should learn more about Star Wars and I tell him my brain is already full of useless shit, but I will call on him if I ever decide to go on Who

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