Business Diary: This is who I am


So, I’m adding yet another category, another part of my life – or, technically, another part of who I am. Or is it just who I am.

Anyhoo, its the Business Diaries, because whilst I”m a mum (therefore a cook, cleaner, physchologist etc etc blah blah – is anyone else getting sick of hearing how hilariously funny, or not, that is, or is it just me who is a bit over it? Have I just heard it so often I now only here “blah blah blah”? More about that rant later on :)) I am also a business owner.

Some call me a “business mum” others a “wahm” (or “work at home mum” and, sadly, not “what a hot mummy” as I first thought when I dived into this world of self-employment and having an “office” in my sun/dining room/public thoroughfare).

I like to think of my self as self-employed (thank you to the awesome Tea for that distinction – its made a world of difference to me) and I also happen to have children. I also happen to own three pairs of jeans, but I’m not sure that’s relevant.

Anyhoo, for many a year this here Diary of a Mad Cow has been somewhat devoid of businessy related stuff because I wanted to “relate” to as many mums out there as possible, and felt the business side of it would cause confusion and put some off or whatever. So it now has its own little category – because I do want to relate directly to mums, but I also can’t shove this part of me in a box and pretend it doesn’t exist. Becasue it is just who I am.

And that, really, is what I am about. Being who I am and hopefully encouraging you to be who you are, too 🙂

So, ner!

Anyhoo, the plan is to put the more specifically businessy related stuff into this category, so as not to totally bore those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about or don’t care, and for those of you who do care, to find it a bit easier

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