Business meeting

Phone call this morning, and a business meeting was organised just prior to lunch time.

Grumpy Pants had gone off to catch up with a friend, so the only option was to conduct the meeting at the most appropriate venue.

An indoor play centre!

38 degrees, too hot, hopped in the car for the half hour drive there.

It stunk. Really badly. Of crab?

Hmm, wonder if we collected several yesterday whilst at the beach, and they were now living in the car.

Highly likely.

Windows down, as we made our way there.

Survived the meeting, after half an hour of “I’m hungry”, followed by another half an hour of “I”m starving. Really star-ving!” because they’d forgotten to look at our order and hadn’t prepared our meals.

Meals arrived in time for the “I’ve had enough” tantrums. Those ones that go “I’m not tired, and I haven’t had enough!”

Forced children to sit and eat.

Eventually rounded now satiated, but incredibly tired and feral little boys up and loaded them into the car.

The now absolutely stinking car. Stinking hot and stinking of crab – multiplied!

Returned home, removed beach bucket, full of beach toys and, you guessed it, sand! from back of car. Urgh.

Also discover that camera had been in beach bag all along, and, therefore, transferred into the washing machine for a good wash and rinse.


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