Busy AS!

Oh, joy, it is the time of year where the busy ramps up to all manner of crazy and mums the world over are going out of their freaking minds.

Also, I have notice, the rate of comments about how busy they are, what with concerts and rehearsals for concerts, and school assemblies, and all kinds of catchups and stuff has increased exponentially.

Oh, best I stop myself here for a moment to insert a Warning of sorts.

This post is going to contain some harsh realities that may very well have some of you taking a bit of a look at your life and realising a few things that you either have not been aware of, or that you may not like to hear.

My hope is that it may very well be THE thing you need to hear, and take a shit load of stress of your shoulders, free your mind, and give you some idea on which action to take.

That’s the aim and angle of what is to follow.

Let me continue …

How often do we hear the term “busy mums”?

Lots, yeah?

Some use it in relation to specific Mother Subgroups; working mums, mums who volunteer for all kinds of stuff, mums who stay at home with lots of kids or whatever … I dunno, there are too many Busy Mum Subgroups.

Sometimes, it is used more generically, and mums all over the joint nod and ‘mm hmm’ in agreement and completely relate it to them.

That is because most mums

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