But how? But why? But, why me?

Swimming with Godzilla now seems to be ok, so Grumpy took him and I got the morning to work.

Well, walked Monkey Boy to school, which I must remember not to do, although it is “good for you”.

Last week was about how high the sky was, and where does the blue bit start and stop and how long does it take you to get there, and how long would it take to get to each of the planets, and are you sure you can’t go to the sun and is it really that hot and how come I have to ask my teacher because she might not know and i’ll look in the library to see if they have any books, but can you just tell me how high the sky is and where does the blue bit start and stop, and …

This week was about smoking. I am not a smoker. i never have been. And I don’t like it.

So having to field, why do people smoke, why don’t they just stop if its yucky, no can you explain to me what “addicitive” means, why is nicotine addictive, well then how does Nicorette work, but how does it work, but how does it, but how, well then how come people just don’t stop, well why do they do it if its yucky, but how is nicotine addictive …

I think I preferred the blue sky quesitons.

And driving to school only takes 5 minutes, so there’s not the time to warm up ….

3pm Grumpy tells me I need to transfer the GP tickets into his name. On hold for ages.

Eventually get through, just before he leaves for school pickup and swimming lessons, only to be told “Oh, no, you can’t do that. The event has already started, so you have to pick the tickets up personally.”

I don’t want to! I want to scream at her. Its not my fault my husband is an idiot and used my card.

And I can’t get there before 5pm today to pick it up. I have better things to do with my life.

Then I considered telling him I was going to go and he could just miss out.

Then I could think of nothing more boring than watching a bunch of emaciated blondes poncing about in lycra for the benefit of a heap of drunken yobs yelling “show us your tits” and thinking they were hilarious and/or incredibly masculine and charming.

Its not fair, I want to scream.

Why me?

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