But how does that work?

Fnally got around to sorting through baby stuff.

I lie, I got it all out of the cupboard a month ago, when we set the cot, etc up (yes, I know that some suggest it is bad luck to do things so early, but Anal Control Freak Hormone took over, and it was completely beyond my control!)

And then, I finally got around to washing the piles of stuff that were sorted into various piles, like clothes (by size), cot sheets (by colour – all white, fortunately), blankets (cot, pram and other) and so on …

And, being me, I had kept the “essentials”, although did loan some items to a few friends who also had brand new baby boys, of which most were returned. Or so I thought.

How is it that a hoarder of useful things (I got rid of the ‘button down the back’ and other useless items) end up with 493 pairs of socks, 3 grow suits and 2 singlets?

And why is it that I still have in my possession, 13 hats, some hand knitted with extra long ribbons (WTF????), 26 pairs of booties (again, hand knitted, and with extra long ribbons) and several of those hand knitted jumpers (yes, with extra long ribbons) that make baby boys look incredibly girly, and baby girls washed out and/or stupid?

Aside from the fact that I don’t have the patience for a mashed pumpkin / hand knitted cardy combination.


Clearly, the well post-second-birth hormones had done something odd to my brain.

That, or the stuff I really want is somewhere really obvious … I just can’t remember where ….

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