But I love her


Godzilla has taken a real liking to one of our cats, Cupcake.

He “loves her so much” and likes “to play wif her”

So much so that he is keeping her in his wardrobe.

Several time throughout the day, he will wander outside, capture her, bring her in giving her lots of cuddles and saying “Cupcake loves me, she loves to play wif me” and puts her in the cupboard. Sometimes, he even puts a rubber band over the handles so she can’t get out. Not that she can anyway.

Its been going for a few weeks now. Not daily. But enough to traumatise the poor cat.

I sat down with Godzilla and had a conversation about how its not nice to put the cat in the cupboard.

“But I love to play wif her.”

Yeah, ok, but outside is good. Cats don’t like cupboards.

“But she likes it in there. She likes to play wif me. She likes to stay in the cupboard.”

But she can’t. Its not ok.

“But I love her!”

Oh, dear.

Ok that talk didn’t work, how about we try this one …

“Cupcake keeps running away from me. But I love her and want to play wif her..”

Will “I told you so” work in this case?

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