But it's in the diary!

Appointment with the obstetrician this morning, possibly my last before the Baby-ectomy.

All going well of course.

The baby has been lying in a “kind of transverse” position for some time (not a standard transverse position – we couldn’t have that sort of normality going on. Although I’m quite happy with everything else being normal going on).

It has turned, however, since the appointment two weeks ago – from it’s head snuggled into by left pelvis, to wedged up under my right ribs.

Ob, having no concerns a fortnight ago with it “turning” in the way we want, ie preferably head down, but he’ll settle for bum down, is now concerned that the date I have chosen is a bit too far away for his liking with baby in current position.

Starts talking about things like waters breaking, hands and feet getting into pelvis, and prolapsed umbilical cords. Wants to do an internal! What?! It’ll be the first I’ve had.

Like my cervix hasn’t been fiddled with enough from the inside, what with hands and feet able to wiggle there way down there and give it a good poking at times. Like when I’m walking up the street, causing the odd “Oooh” to escape my lips whilst I do some weird sort of dancy-hop. It hurts!

Informs me if he is not happy with the current state of my cervix, he’d like me in this afternoon for bubectomy.

I don’t think so! It’s in the diary.

Besides, I have a really sore throat, so not really in the position to be subject to major surgery this afternoon. I don’t have enough baby clothes to take to hospital, and that trip isn’t scheduled till Friday. It’s in the diary!

And, I haven’t washed my fat chick undies – the ones you need post birth – and am not quite packed.

The babysitters aren’t coming till next Thursday!!!

I’m completely organised, damnit!!!!

Cervix in a nice form, so this afternoon, obviously, was not necessary. I have to go back next week for another checkup where he will reassess the scheduled date. Grumpy, lovely man that he is, quietly informed him that messing with my schedule was not really a clever idea, and that it was in the diary. You’re not allowed to mess with my diary!

So much for all the “Oooh, your so lucky. At least you know when its happening. Not like me … blah blah blah”

Now I have everyone on my back about not being packed. Sheesh! Anal Virgo type here – just coz i’m not pack doesn’t mean I’m not organised!

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